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In response to requirements needed for national green environmental protection, the company has established standard purification plants with GMP100000 area covering 2000 square meters and introduced MFX901300 extruding compound machine from Japan and advanced JZD09-1250 nine-color electronic shaft intaglio press, as well as eight, nine and ten colors of flexible packaging product lines. The muti-layer compound packing materials are produced such as food, medicine, electronic, cosmetic and medical bags. Fushi’s annual throughput of packing bag is more than 2 billion.


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printing machine

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The company has imported SL-1300 solvent-free high-speed compound machine from Italy, D.Y-1600 from wide coating production line as well as many advanced flexible packaging printing production lines from Korea. In order to meet demands from personalized products in market, the company introduced high-speed special-shaped bag cutting machine which can produce 240 special-shape bags from Japanese Hugu in 2015. It also imported two sets of online inspection equipment from Japanese NIRECO to improve added value of products.